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I decided to have my tour inside of Uni-Mart. Here are 50 things about it.


  1. There are a lot of people who come here to hang out.
  2. It is very awkward to walk into a store and start taking photos of all the products.
  3. The store is also set up so that the cashier can see me no matter what aisle I’m on.
  4. Luckily, no one here seems to want to make eye-contact.
  5. However, they must be aware I’m here, because they move when I need to get by.
  6. The air fresheners here are the same brand as the ones from the dollar store, but smell significantly better.
  7. Maybe it is because they cost 99 cents more than the dollar store ones.
  8. They sell a lot of tools and car products.
  9. There are many things you can buy here for only 99 cents, like ramen noodles or cookies.
  10. Almost half of all the products here are drinks.
  11. Half of said drinks are alcoholic.
  12. This store sells the good flavors of pop-tarts — like Oreo and Hot Fudge Sundae, instead of the lame fruit-flavored ones.
  13. The candy aisle is the most colorful out of all the aisles.
  14. The drink aisle is probably the second most colorful aisle, excluding the alcoholic drinks which are mostly brown.
  15. The candy wrappers would make a cool rainbow if you cut them up and collaged them.
  16. There are mostly snack foods sold here. It would be hard to find enough food here that could be called a “meal.”
  17. There are hundreds of things in just this small space.
  18. There are thousands of things if you count not just every package of gum, but also every single piece of gum in that package, and every wrapper on every piece of gum, and so on.
  19. They actually sell jewelry here!
  20. …and the jewelry is actually not even ugly!
  21. The items here are very reasonably priced.
  22. The floors in here are a similar tan color to the one in my dorm.
  23. If you could shop at only one store for your whole life, Uni-Mart would be a pretty good bet– they have almost everything you would need.
  24. There does not seem to ever be more than 3 or maybe 4 people in this store at a time.
  25. Even though this place is filled with food, it doesn’t smell like food at all.
  26. The Nerds Ropes here cost 10 cents more than the ones from the CVS back at home.
  27. This store sells everything you need to make some good smores.
  28. They also sell pre-mixed henna, which is awesome!
  29. There is a sign saying that they sell Indian food, but I don’t see where it would be sold in here.
  30. There are so many colors and items in this place that it looks a little chaotic and overwhelming.
  31. If someone from another country walked into this store, they may think that the most important things to Americans are cigarettes, snack food, and alcohol.
  32. All of the items are packaged in smooth, shiny containers.
  33. Every time I go into this store I see products that I never noticed before.
  34. You could spend hours in here examining every product.
  35. The register is right next to the door, so you can make a quick escape if you have to buy anything embarrassing.
  36. There are signs covering this building — inside, outside, labeling the food, on the fridges, on the wall.
  37. There are tons of boxes of things that they haven’t yet unpacked.
  38. They have a shirt hanging from the ceiling, which is probably technically a fire hazard.
  39. There are three soft-drink fridges that say “pepsi” on top of them, and only one “Coca-cola” one.
  40. All of the signs for the pepsi fridges are slightly different.
  41. They are not all next to each other, either. The Coca-cola one is in the middle for some reason.
  42. There are four security cameras just on the wall with the soft-drink fridges.
  43. This place seems to have run out of storage, because they’re keeping random boxes of things on top of the fridges.
  44. There are those big rounded mirrors in the corners, so that the cashier can see everything.
  45. Only 99 cents for a big bag of Utz chips!
  46. There are five different types of dip sold here.
  47. They sell really small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, like the kind you get at a hotel.
  48. They also sell candles and incense, so its too bad those can’t be used in the dorm rooms.
  49. This worker keeps walking by every time I try to take a picture of something in the store (slightly awkward.)
  50. I have spent 7 dollars here in the past week.

    so delicious

    mmm, crunchy cheetos…


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