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Before going on my trip to Uni-Mart, I made a list of things I was going to try to find there. I am also giving this list to the person who takes my tour. The things the list asks for a purposefully vague, so that they will be interpreted differently for each person. Here is the list, and the things that I found:

  • Something that represents you or your personality: This roll of Hubba Bubba tape represents me, because I’m both “awesome” and “original.” I am also “6 feet of fun,” just like this gum.

    Awesome and original, just like me.

    Awesome and original, just like me.

  • Something that you wouldn’t expect to find in a convenience store: Henna! I’ve never seen this sold in a convenience store before, but I’m very glad they have it here because the henna at the school bookstore is ridiculously overpriced.
  • Something you used as a kid: Crunchy cheetos! I used to eat 4 or 5 of the mini bags of these everyday.
  • Something that you don’t know what it is for: Power Steering Fluid: “Mixes with other fluids.” What is this?? Is it powerful? How does it steer? Does it do anything beside just mix with other liquids?
  • A good bargain: Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie — only 99 cents!
  • Something that would make a good gift for someone: They actually sell whole kits of Bath and Body Works products all wrapped up nicely together in a cute little bag!
  • Something that you wish you had: Raspberry scented Renuzit air freshener. I ended up buying it.
Help I am confused what is this object

The mysterious Power Steering Fluid

For the person taking my tour, along with giving them this list of things to find, I also am giving them a map of Uni-Mart to help guide them through the store.



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