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I went on my two tours with Morgan Croft. The first tour we went on was this crazy pirate treasure hunt. We had to find the “pirate captain’s” great treasure and also document the vegetation around it. 

The tour came with a fun poem telling us what to do, a map, a folder containing samples of vegetation from the area, and some rubbings of plants. Even though some things were inked out with marker, the map was a drawing, so it was not too hard to find the intended destination, which was the creek. The section we were supposed to be searching in was also marked off with rope, so we knew we were in the right place. We managed to find some of the same plants as the ones in the folder:


After a bit of searching around, we also were able to find the treasure chest! Aye, we found ourselves a box of mints!



This tour was put together very well. There was a lot for us to do and see, and it was fun going to the creek to explore because I had not yet been down there. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any frogs or cool bugs, which was part of our assignment, but we still had a good time looking around for the treasure.



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