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When I handed my map and instructions to the two people going on my tour, there was not too much that was crossed out in black marker. One of the people noted that even though most of the information on the map was gone, he still could tell right away that it was a map of Uni-Mart, because he had been there before.

The two people took my tour around Uni-Mart and got photo documentation of the things I asked them to find on the scavenger hunt. Here are a couple of the things that I thought were most interesting that they found:

  • Something that you don’t know what its for: Liquid Aire Extreme. I thought it was interesting that they picked this item, because when I did the scavenger hunt, the item I picked for this was also some sort of car product. Apparently those are very confusing.Image
  • Something you would never buy: SPAM. I liked that they put this on their list, because I thought it was pretty funny. Who would buy spam??Image

The rest of the answers to their questions can be found here: and also here:

I thought that these people did a good job looking for interesting things in the store, however, I was disappointed that they skipped the one question that had the most potential: “Find something that represents you or your personality.” It would have been very interesting to see what kind of object other people would find for this question.


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