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When it came time to switch tour materials with the people we were trading with, I almost didn’t realize that the cute little backpack this girl was holding was actually the tour guide information! But it was, Emily Wright had sewn together this adorable bag and filled it with all sorts of fun stuff.




The map inside was a drawing, just like the last tour, so it wasn’t hard to figure out where to go, even with the black marker. This tour also led us to the creek, but a different part of it than the pirate tour. 

While at the creek, the first thing that Morgan and I did was take out a pack of notecards with drawings on them and flip through them. Then we were given the instructions to “Take a drawing — leave a drawing!” This sounded like a lot of fun to us, so we grabbed the colored pencils that came with the bag and got to drawing. I decided I wanted to draw something that would brighten up someone’s day a little if they were to find the notecard, and hid it inside the crack between two rocks.



Another activity we had was to try to find something for every color of the rainbow, and record it on a piece of paper. We were able to find an object for every color, except purple. We tried to look for objects that wouldn’t be immediately obvious — for example, when looking for a green object, instead of just writing down “grass” or “leaf,” we looked around and noticed a green pipeline box. This exercise definitely helped us to look around and really see what was around us.

Yet another activity that we did on this tour was to write down on a sheet of paper what we would add to the area if we could. “Swing” was already written down to get us started, which we agreed would be a great idea. We added a few of our own suggestions:



Overall, this was a really well-put together tour, and it had plenty of activities in it to make it fun and interactive. We were able to explore the area in new and interesting ways, and had a good time doing so.


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