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One activity in the book that struck a chord for me was the instant sculpture exploration. When I go camping I love making sculptures out of rocks. I used to make them all day, and eventually got good at making them more intricately designed. For this reason, I decided that this would be a good place to start with my sculpture-making on the line.


A close-up of the first sculpture.

A close-up of the first sculpture

It was hard to get the rocks to balance and I had to try a couple of times, but eventually I got it to stay. This sculpture was created using only rocks, so for my next one I knew that I wanted to incorporate other materials in the sculpture. As I was walking I noticed things that interested me: long, wavy pieces of grass; knotted sticks; beautiful flowers. I decided to use these objects to form a new sculpture:

Made with grass, sticks, flowers, and rocks.

Made with grass, sticks, flowers, and rocks.

A close-up of the second sculpture.

A close-up of the second sculpture.

As I continued my journey on the line, I got deeper and deeper into the woods. I became very interested in the moss that I kept finding. It grew on everything: rocks, trees, sticks, and even just on the ground itself. I created a “fairy house” sculpture using only things that had moss growing on them. (We used to create fairy houses all the time in elementary school. They’re just little caves that are made out of things from nature where fairies can stop for a rest.) The base of this was a live tree, and I piled the rocks up on it so that it looked like they were starting to take over the tree, just as moss slowly takes over what it is living on.

Moss Fairy House

Moss Fairy House

When making these sculptures, it was my hope that someone else exploring the line would stumble across them and stop to enjoy them. I enjoyed making them, because they make one stop to consider the beauty that can be found in nature.


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