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I sat down in the woods in part of the AU side of the line to collect materials, and decided to write down 10 things I observed in that area. Here they are:

  1. There is a spider on a web right next to me…
  2. I can hear many animal sounds, like birds, bugs, and what sounds like frogs.
  3. I can also hear human sounds — people shouting, cars rolling by.
  4. There is a small baby tree growing on part of the tree trunk that I am sitting on.
  5. A white bird just flew into a tree.
  6. The trunk of this tree extends about 7 or 8 feet out from the base.
  7. A couple of squirrels are hopping around nearby.
  8. The squirrel on the tree next to me got scared when I took a photo of it and is now hissing and chirping madly. I think it is trying to scare me away and also warn other squirrels about my presence.
  9. Much of the vegetation is contrasting colors — green and red.
  10. Now there are at least 4 squirrels all hissing together — probably time to leave.



The squirrel that I accidentally scared.


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