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One of the things that I found most interesting while I was exploring the line was moss. It covered everything, and left nothing be. It’s a beautiful shade of green and soft to the touch. And a lot of the times, moss grows in interesting ways.


For example, this patch of moss looks crazy. It has tentacles that appear as if they are reaching out and trying to grab you. To me, the moss in the woods looks like a creature from another planet. Some of the mosses, like this tentacle-y one, look like a whole new world themselves! You could easily imagine that there are all sorts of strange aliens hiding in this moss jungle.

As I was documenting different patches of moss, I came across an even more exciting find: these strange fungi that look like Shrek’s ears growing off of a log!


At this point, I realized that there are thousands of strange fungi and mosses that are so small they are usually ignored, and therefore look other-wordly when finally noticed. I set off now specifically looking to see what other sorts of alien-plants I could find. One thing I found were red hair-like stalks that grew out of some patches of moss.

mini worldIt was interesting for me to note that all of these strange plants I was finding grew in this same, tentacle-like formation. I found these red hairs on a couple of different sections of moss, and thought that they were a plant completely unrelated to the moss, until I did some research online and discovered that these red hairs are actually moss spores! I took a lot of pictures of these because I found them very beautiful and interesting. This is a picture of spores that have not fully developed yet: spores. Here is a picture that I found on google of another collection of moss spores: Moss Spores

I found plenty of other strange plants on my exploration of the line. Here are links to some of them:

More Tentacles

Red Spores

More Red Spores

Small Mushroom

Star-shaped moss

Fungus on Stick

World of Moss


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