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While I was out exploring, I saw a wide variety of the critters who inhabit the line and the space around it. They ranged from small to large. The creatures I saw in the most abundance were spiders, which I often found hanging from webs, waiting for their prey. Other small creatures I found include fluttering white butterflies, slugs under rocks, flies, and mosquitoes.

I saw a couple of other slightly larger animals, too — a slithering snake (it went away too quickly for me to take a photo), and this squirrel on a tree that was startled by me:


Now, the most interesting animal I found took me by surprise. I was sitting down doing on of the other explorations, when I heard twigs snapping nearby and assumed that it was just a couple of other people who were also exploring the line. After a little while of hearing these noises, I put on my glasses and — to my amazement — saw two deer walking through the woods! Excited, I turn my camera and point it towards one of the deer. The deer sees me but does not move, and I quickly try to take a photo. Unfortunately I had the absolute most worst luck, because just then my camera died. The photo I did take isn’t very good either, which is why I’m not including it here. Even though I didn’t get a photograph, it was still a very exciting experience. I watched the deer for a while, who occasionally glanced at me but did not seem threatened. After a while I started walking towards them to see how close I could get, which scared them so they ran away — and then I saw that there were actually not two, but 5 or 6 deer running away! It was a truly awesome experience.



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