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Exploring the Line: Patterns

I set off along the line in search of patterns, and was able to find many of them! Some of the patterns I found were in nature, such as this one:

IMG_0671I found these wavy lines in the bark of a tree. I like them because even though they are made out of a hard material, they look fluid, almost like ocean waves.

Another pattern I saw in nature was dots, which I found in gravel at the end of the line on the Alfred State side. You can see this pattern here.

Not all of the patterns I found were in nature — many were found in man-made parts of the line. Below I have another example of dots, this time made out of concrete. It is interesting that even though I found two examples of dots, they still differ quite a bit in arrangement. This second example of dots is a much more even pattern.



These were not the only patterns I came across — I managed to find two examples of a checkered pattern, which you can view here and here.

When I set out to do this experiment, I thought it was going to be difficult to find many examples of patterns. I was partially correct — finding patterns in nature proved to be a little more difficult, but definitely not impossible. Patterns in man-made objects were much more common to find, and also more even and regularly spaced. All I had to do was start looking, and soon more and more patterns popped out at me.



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