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Defining My Word: “Wish”

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In class we each had to choose a word from a selection. My word is “wish,” and I am supposed to define it so that I will know the meaning and boundaries of this word. “Wish” could be very many different parts of speech, so here are the definitions for all of them:

Verb: To wish: To have a desire for; To make or express a wish

Noun: A wish: A desire for something to happen or be done; a feeling of wanting to do or have something; an act of thinking about something you want and hoping that you will get it or that it will happen in some sort of magical way

All of the above definitions came from Merriam Webster.  I thought about this word, and knew that the scope of it was greater than just nouns and verbs. I created my own definitions for adjectives and adverbs:

Adjective: wished upon: Something that has been already desired. (“He gazed longingly at the wished upon toy.”)

Adjective: wishful: Full of desire. (“The wishful girl dreamed about the presents sitting under the Christmas tree.”)

Adverb: wishingly: In a wishful manner. (“She gazed wishingly at the beautiful dress.”) (This one may be a bit of a stretch, I’m not sure if this is a real word or not.)

The next step was to look up our word in a thesaurus. I used this one to find these  synonyms:

Verbs: Desire, Want, Crave, Yearn, Aspire.

Noun: Hope, Prayer, Longing, Aspiration.

Next, I did a google images search for the word “wish” and found some very interesting results! Almost every picture had either a dandelion (especially one being blown by a kid) or a star. It seems that the word wish is often used not just to express desire for something, but also to imply that there is something magical involved in wishing. Here are a couple examples of the pictures on google. The link to the original source is in the caption.

Blowing dandelions and wishing upon a shooting star are not the only magical ways to wish for something. Other examples include making a wish before blowing out birthday candles, wishing for something at exactly 11:11, making a wish over a wishbone, and having a genie grant you 3 wishes. So while “wish” can definitely be used to express a desire for something in a non-magical way, it has a strong connection with magic.


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