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Since my word for the line is “wish,” my goal while walking the line was to grant as many wishes as I could. In this video I interviewed people I came across while walking the line and asked them what they wished for. Now its my job to make their wishes come true!

Two people wished for food-related things. One person wished “for there to be no more starving children,” while another wished simply for “fooood!!” In order to grant both of these wishes, I want to show people that there actually is already food on the line! Here are all of the examples of food that I came across.

Crab Apples


Here are some crab apples I found in a tree on the A-State side of the line. Now, crab apples are not too tasty if you just pluck one right off the tree and eat it raw — however, they are edible. It is possible, in fact, to cook and sweeten crab apples, and it is also possible to turn them into a jelly.

Wild Carrots (Queen Anne’s Lace)

IMG_0789If you ever see these white flowers on the ground, try pulling them up and make sure you get the roots — because the roots are edible! They taste just like carrots, which is why they are commonly referred to as wild carrots. This website right here gives a good description of what the plant should look like, and includes valuable photographs for recognizing the plant in the wild: Wilderness Survival: Wild Carrot.


IMG_0786Here you can see the leaves and stem of a blackberry bush I found on the line. Unfortunately there were no actual berries on it when I came across it — however, if there were berries on it, this is what it would look like: Photo of Blackberries.  When searching for blackberries, make sure you know what they look like — you don’t want to accidentally eat a poisonous berry! And be sure to watch out for the thorns — they are very sharp, which I learned the hard way.


IMG_0792Dandelions are edible, abundant, and can be prepared in a large variety of ways!

  • You can pick them, let them wilt, and add them to a salad.
  • You can use them to make wine.
  • You can make tea with them.
  • You can eat the leaves raw or steamed.

Many people enjoy picking dandelion leaves and using this in their salad. Not only does it taste good (the leaves are best taken from young plants, before they become thicker and fuzzy), but dandelion leaves are also full of nutrients and are good for cleansing the liver. Dandelions have so many different uses — just make sure that you pick plants that have not been sprayed with pesticides. Here is just one recipe for this plant: Dandelion Fritters.


There are plenty of other edible things you can find on the line — for example, if you’re brave and have a lot of time you could try searching for edible mushrooms. Just be sure you know that the mushroom you’re picking really is okay to eat! You could also find a pine tree, peel off the tough outer bark, and eat the softer bark inside! In fact, there are many ways you can find sustenance in pine trees — for more information, click here.  And of course, you could also go hunting for animals you see — there are many on the line, such as deer and squirrels. This is a little extreme however, and probably not allowed on campus. The point is that there are so many different options for food all around!

I hope that this information will be useful to anyone who ever gets hungry on the line. If I am ever exploring with someone who tells me that they wish they had food, I will be sure to grant their wish by showing them that there’s already food all around them!


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