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My goal is to grant as many wishes on the line or relating to the line as I can. (Here is a video where people told me some of their wishes that I have tried to grant: Wishes on the Line.) One wish that I have heard foundations students repeat over and over again: “I wish I didn’t have to go out walking this line!” (I’m sorry, I’m just saying what I’ve heard!) I’ve also heard many students saying that they were tired and wish they could take a rest from walking the line. Well, thats where I come in — I’m here to grant their wishes!

Wishes: To not walk to the line and to rest on the line.

How I planned on granting the wishes: By building a chair!

My thinking behind this idea was that for the people who simply needed to rest while walking the line, a chair would be perfect, and for the people who just didn’t want to walk the line at all — well, if they were sitting on a chair on the line, then technically they are no longer walking it. 

So, I went to the small clearing at the end of the line on the AU side, because I figured that it would be the best place to rest, since there is a tiring uphill climb to get to the end. My original idea was to build a kind of wicker chair, but I quickly realized that I had nothing to attached the sticks together with, and that they wouldn’t stay in the hard ground anyway. My new plan was to create a kind of “resting area” rather than an actual chair. Here is the finished area:

IMG_0754I started by collecting some large, flat rocks for a seat. I then built a back rest by stacking sticks together. In order to do this, I had to create a support system in the back, which you can see here: Support. For a finishing touch, I added long bundles of grass and flowers, to make the resting area look both more aesthetically pleasing and also more like a place you would actually want to sit at. The flowers also served to make the seat look like a place a fairy would sit at — which adds a magical quality to it, just like the word wish has magical elements to it. (To learn more about that, read my page about the word Wish: Defining My Word.


I hope that people who walk the line come across this seat and actually try it out! Maybe I will even grant a few wishes of people who were hoping to take a rest! Here are a few more pictures of the seat:

Me resting happily on the seat

Top view

Flowers and grass detail



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