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My goal for exploring the line was to grant as many wishes on the line or related to the line as I could. The wish I granted in this post comes from an interview I did, asking people what they wished for. (You can watch the video here: Wishes on the Line.)

One kid at Alfred State, when asked what he wished for, said, “To not be here.” I thought to myself, well, I can’t grant his wish exactly — there is no why I can make it so that he doesn’t have to be here. However, I can make it so that he does want to be here! The way I decided to do this? …By building a tepee on the line, because who doesn’t want to be on a campus that has a tepee on it!

I enrolled two friends to help me on this mission. We set off on the A-State side of the line to build out tepee since that is where the boy I interviewed lives. Both of my friends had prior experience to building tepees, while I had none, so it was a new experience for me. To start off, we decided to build the tepee against a tree for support. We collected many large sticks and started to build a base:


After that we weaved some horizontal beams throughout the structure. These were so that we could lean shorter branches on the tepee to help build the structure and make it more solid. A picture of these bars can be seen here, and a more close-up view of them can be seen here.

Our team just kept on adding more and more branches, and eventually we had this awesome tepee all built and ready to go!


Many people are going to come across this tepee while they are doing their explorations — we already saw three people walking by while we were constructing it. Many are not going to want to be there — but hopefully coming across this tepee will brighten their day and make exploring the line more enjoyable for them! I hope I have successfully granted the A-State boy’s wish.

Here are a few more photos of the tepee:

Sarah sitting inside of the tepee

The entrance

The finished structure


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