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Now that I have defined my word, “Wish,” every exploration I do must relate back somehow to wishes. The first wish-related exploration I did was walk along the line on the Alfred State campus and interview people who were also on the line. I asked them one question: “What do you wish for?” This video shows the responses that I got:

It was very interesting how I got many similar responses. Happiness was the most common answer with 3 people wishing for it. Not being at foundations, not being “here” in general, success, and food were the runners- up with 2 wishes each. There was not a single person who made a wish that was not also wished for by someone else I interviewed, even though I did not interview a large number of people. All of the wishes were also for very basic things (for instance, no one wished for anything extravagant and unrealistic, like a mansion or a billion dollars.)

For my next explorations, I’m going to be granting as many of these wishes (and others!) on the line as I can. Stay tuned!


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