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In this video, I walked the line and asked the people I came across what they wished for. After collecting a couple of answers, I decided to try to make their wishes come true, on the line of course!

One girl said that she wished “to be happy and healthy for the rest of my life!” For this exploration, I decided to focus on making the second part of her wish come true, and decided to find all the ways that the line can help to keep you healthy.

There are two key aspects to being healthy. These are exercising, and eating right. Below I will talk about various ways in which these things can be accomplished on the line.


IMG_0471The line includes many very steep hills. These are perfect for getting your heart rate up! Furthermore, going for a hike in the woods is much more fun and relaxing than just working out in a gym. Next time you feel like you need to burn some calories, try getting a few friends together to hike up the hills on the line!


The line offers many peaceful and secluded places that would be perfect for yoga. In fact, there are some explorers of the line who have already done this! You can read about there experiences here: Yoga on the Line. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy — it stretches the muscles, relaxes the body and therefore reduces stress, it helps improve posture, and it even helps you to get better sleep (something thats especially important in college!)

Have a Picnic


The picture above shows a great place to have a picnic at the top of the line on the Alfred State campus! Having a picnic here is good for two reasons: first of all, you have to get in your exercise by walking up the whole, steep thing, and second of all, you can have fun with your friends while eating healthy food! Why not try some of the food you can find on the line? (Learn about that here)


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