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Brainstorming Project Ideas

In class, we brainstormed project ideas. We had to come up with 20 ideas for each of three categories: Realistic Ideas, Impossible Ideas, and a Combination of the two. Here are some of the most interesting ideas I came up with for each category:

  • Realistic Ideas
  1. A wishing hut where one can meditate on their wish.
  2. Drawings with magical elements of wishes being fulfilled.
  3. Map that shows the hidden homes of wish granters on the line.
  4. Spots on the line that have magical wish granting capabilities.
  • Impossible Ideas
  1. Constructing a wishing-well on the line.
  2. Inserting a portal on the line to a wish-granting land.
  3. Getting animals on the line to talk and tell me their wishes.
  4. Growing a magical, Avatar-like wishing forest on the line.
  • Combination Ideas
  1. Making an animation of talking and wishing animals.
  2. Video-editing to make it seem like there is a wishing land portal.
  3. Research rituals for wish dancing, do them on the line.
  4. Video of society where wishes and magic are the basis of life.

This was only the first way we brainstormed ideas, however — next we got our peers involved! We made a word-map starting with our own words and connected related words to it. We then continued to branch out and write down words related to those words, and on and on. After a while of doing this to our own sheet of paper, we switched and wrote on other people’s paper.

Some interesting things to note — almost every single word in the class was somehow related to Harry Potter. Some people tried to do funny things, such as link the “Justin Bieber” to “girl.” Also, the words that other people circled on my sheet as being the best words to work off of and to use in my project are “Aspiration,” “Dream,” “Desire,” “Life,” “Happiness,” “Dandelions,” “Art,” “Rain,” “Rainbows,” “Shooting Stars,” and “Magic.”


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