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Changes in my Documentary

When I first started making my documentary, I was planning on having the whole thing outline the entire aspect of the lives of the Optatum people. It was going to go through their daily life, and talk about their rituals, make-up, clothing, diet, and government. However, when I had my meeting, I was told that it would be better if my documentary had more of a narrative running through it. There had to be some sort of conflict that would either get resolved or not at the end. I watched a few more documentaries on youtube to see how other people did this, and then came up with my own ideas.


A serious shot of the Wishing Man in my documentary.

I had my conflict be that the Optatum people were having a difficult time obtaining food. I found that adding this narrative into my documentary not only made it more interesting, but also helped me to organize and structure the entire film. I connected information about the society with the conflict, so that I was not just showing these two things separately in the video, but they were linked together.


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