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For my focus project, I made a documentary about a society of people, known as the Optatum tribe, who live on the line. Their entire culture is based upon wishing, as “wish” was my word. You can ready my full proposal here: Proposal.

Though it is not entirely clear to outsiders why, these people have found magical powers on the line. The plants on the line help them create potions that can aid in making wishes come true, and the animals on the line are able to communicate with their gods and help pass on their wishes. The area itself is magic, and the tribe always performs its wishing rituals on the line.

This documentary was very fun to make. It was not as hard as I had expected it would be to find people willing to act in my film. I expected some people to be shy about having to do silly things such as dance around or speak in a nonsense language. Only one person I filmed was slightly hesitant about this, but still ended up doing it anyway. It was difficult, however, to get a large number of people to participate in my wish dance. There were people who said they would do it, but ended up being unavailable. And most people simply just did not want to do it because they were too embarrassed. I worked around this in my documentary by saying that it was a “small” wish dance.

Overall, I am happy with the way that the documentary came out. I was amazed at the hours and hours of work that it took just to make a 7 minute film.


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