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The Proposal

My word for the line is Wish. Here are the three project proposals that I came up with, in order of my most favorite ideas to least favorite:

  • Documentary: (This is the idea that I ended up doing)

Proposal: To create a documentary about a society that lives on the line. Every aspect of this society is based upon magic and the power of wishes. The society has many wishing rituals, such as rain dances and food dances when they want these things. They also have a magical healer who uses wish-granting potions to cure illnesses. This proposal was inspired by the explorations I did looking at different types of moss and small fungi, because I thought that they looked like miniature alien worlds, and I wondered about what kind of society could live inside of them. For this to happen, I would need actors, costumes, and possibly face paint.



  • Film

Proposal: To make a movie about animals and plants on the line and their wishes. These “animals” would be people dressed in costumes. They would wish for various things, for example, a squirrel character might wish for the students to leave more food out so that they could steal it, or a grass character might wish for the animals to stop stomping all over it. This proposal was inspired by the explorations I did on different types of animals and plants that I found on the line.

In order to do this, I would need a few people willing to volunteer their time to be actors. I would also need fabric to make the costumes. I’d need to put together a script and figure out what each character wishes for and whether or not their wishes get granted.

For this project, I would want to discover and present the wishes of the animals and plants on the line that cannot talk and tell us their wishes themselves. Since the animals and plants in my video would be able to speak, it would bring to my movie the magical element of the word “wish.”



  • Structure

Proposal: To build a “wishing structure” on the line out of sticks and leaves. It would be a kind of shelter where people could sit inside and meditate on their wishes and how to make them come true. It would have flowers and moss to make it seem more magical, like a place where a woodland fairy might sit at to rest.

This idea was inspired by the explorations I did building a tepee and a chair, and also from spending a lot of time observing moss on the line.

I would try to make the structure pretty large, maybe around 6 feet tall and 7 feet wide. It would be mostly meant for sitting, but still would be large enough so that most people can stand inside easily. I would need to collect a lot of long sticks for this, and also use things such as sting to tie the sticks together. On the outside I would want to put a decorated piece of fabric over the structure. This fabric would list all sorts of different wishes that people make. On the inside it would have drawings of magical wish-granting things, to inspire whoever is sitting inside making their wishes.

If I made this structure, I would want people to realize the magical nature of making a wish. I would also want people to stop and take time to think about what they are wishing for — as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”



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